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Stockton's New Courthouse: It's Really Happening!


Monday, July 31, 2017, will mark the culmination of more than ten years' work conceptualizing, planning, and building the first new courthouse in Stockton since the early 1960s. Most everything will be new, with the exception of Lady Justice, who stands above and to the right of the main entrance. Here are some of the things you can expect to see:

First Floor

  • A traffic counter inside the building, positioned so that people paying fines do not have to go through weapons screening in order to pay tickets.
  • Electronic signage listing all departments and calendars for the day.
  • ATM Machine.
  • Child support calculator in the self-help clinic and available to the public.
  • A grant-funded child waiting room (operational in 2018).
  • Escalators connecting the first through third floors.

Second Floor

  • Civil and Criminal Clerks Offices with a numerical system to notify patrons of their turn at a specific window.
  • Public File Room.

Third Floor

  • Courtrooms with one or two attorney-client conference rooms each.
  • Attorneys' convenience room with electronic device charging stations and a child support calculator. 

Third, Sixth, Seventh and Ninth Floors

  • Secure rooms for attorneys to meet with in-custody defendants. 

Fourth Floor

  • Family Law Clerk's Office. 

Eleventh Floor

  • Civil Grand Jury Room 

Twelfth Floor

  • Jury Assembly Room with panoramic vistas of Stockton's skyline and the ability to step outside to enjoy fresh air and foliage

Thirteenth Floor

  • Court Administration Offices 
    • Elevators for in-custody defendants are separate from general use elevators and go from the holding cell to the department of holding cell on that particular floor.

Questions have arisen about weapons screening. All staff, public and attorneys will go through weapons screening. Attorneys with a current bar card and a current picture ID will not be required to remove their belts. During peak hours, staff and attorneys will have an expedited line.

Please note that the State Bar has stopped automatically sending Bar Cards to members. However, attorneys may order and/or download a paper copy from the State Bar's website.

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

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