Board of Governors

The San Joaquin County Bar Association Board of Governors has fourteen members. The Board of Governors makes nominations to fill board vacancies. Additional nominations may be made from the general membership if nominations exceed vacancies. Elections take place at the Annual Meeting each November. Terms of office begin on January 1 of each year and last for three years.

The Board of Governors has five officers: President; President-Elect; Past President; Secretary; and Treasurer. The Executive Director serves as a resource person for the Board.

The fundamental responsibility of any Board of Governor is to keep the overall mission of the organization clearly in focus and satisfy itself that the various programs, committees and sections of the organization are setting and working toward specific goals. It is also the responsibility of the Board to establish board policies governing the programs, Committees and Sections to see that they are prudently and soundly managed and to assure that the organization is not exposed to unacceptable financial risk.

Of particular concern at the Board level is the responsiveness of the organization as a whole to the needs of the membership.

2019 Board of Governors




Heather Rubino




 Villapudua Armando G. small

Armando Villapudua



Maples Anna

Anna Maples



 Sem Rebecca small

Rebecca Sem



Michael R. Norton

Past President

Belden Ashley small

Ashley Belden

 Eacret Gene B small

Gene Eacret

 Garzoli Jonathan E. small

Jonathan Garzoli

Geddes Sean J small

Sean Geddes

Gillis Leah Nicole small

Leah Gillis

Grace Adam

Adam Grace

 Limas Katie small

Katie Limas

Michael Moore


 Sinclair Spencer

Spencer Sinclair

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