The MCLE Committee is responsible for overseeing the Minimum Continuing Legal Education Program. All MCLE events and self-study courses (mostly in Across the Bar) are approved by the Committee. The San Joaquin County Bar Association is a State Bar approved MCLE provider. Download the MCLE Proposal Form here.


The Committee:

  • Sponsors MCLE Programs of interest
  • Assists Sections and Committees in selecting relevant topics and avoiding conflicts and repetition
  • Insures MCLE compliance with State Bar regulations/monitors the Bar Association's provider status
  • Maintains the Bar Association's MCLE audio and video tape library

Committee Members

  • Shellie Lott, Chair

Sponsor an MCLE:

Whether you are an individual, a firm, or a Section that wants to offer or propose an MCLE event, just submit your complete proposal 60 days prior to the event. A complete proposal includes: Proposal, Proposed Budget, Flyer and Staff Task Delegation.

Please note that the minimum charge for SJCBA staffing is $250.00 per event. This fee covers registration, arranging food orders, preparing MCLE receipts, tracking registrations and State Bar required record keeping.


Organizing an MCLE Program includes:

  • MCLE Rate Sheet
  • MCLE Proposal - summarizes program including subject, instructor, and summaries of other required information
  • MCLE Estimated Proposed Budget - pro forma schedule of expected income and expenses
  • MCLE Staff/Section Task Delegation - identifies persons to complete required tasks
  • MCLE Flyer Sample (editable)

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