When Heather Rubino was 14 years old, she was featured in an article with accompanying photos in the Stockton Record sports page. She had bowled a perfect 300 game, for which she was honored with a special ring and a patch. Fast forward to 2018 and Heather is again being honored, but this time as the San Joaquin County Bar Association Outstanding New Lawyer.

There is a common thread between these two events. Both honors are the result of Heather's skill, strength and focus. And it is those attributes and more that define Heather's success in life and in law.

Heather is a native Stocktonian and a graduate of Bear Creek High School, Sacramento State University and Humphreys Drivon School of Law. One of her current partners, Frank Mohan, was her tax professor at Humphrey's, leading to very entertaining verbal exchanges as Heather and Frank offer conflicting memories about those tax classes.

Throughout her school years Heather worked selling shoes at Macy's, in the pro shop at Stockton Golf and Country Club, and several jobs at Big Valley Ford where her mother, Darlene Gibbons, is a part owner. As her interest in law grew, she served as an intern at the District Attorney's office and later worked as a law clerk for local personal injury attorney Larry Knapp.

During law school she became a Certified Law Student. At her first court appearance for the DA's office, her opposition was her criminal law professor, John Schick. As a certified law student she also had the opportunity to second chair a robbery trial as well as a case involving multiple molestations.

Heather graduated from Humphreys in May of 2010 and that December, her status at Larry Knapp's office changed from law clerk to attorney. She learned a great deal from Larry and their office suite mate, Stew Tabak.

In 2014 she went to work as an associate for Harris, Perisho & Ruiz. When she interviewed she presented as extremely serious, but after coming to work we all quickly discovered that Heather has a wonderful sense of humor and a hearty, full-bodied laugh.

In November of 2017, Heather became a partner in the newly merged firm of Mohan, Harris, Ruiz, Wortmann, Perisho and Rubino which is most distinguished by the fact that the firm holds the Olympic and World Record for the number of names in a law firm title (narrowly edging Kroloff, Belcher, Smart, Perry & Christopherson).

While she stays true to her legal roots and handles personal injury matters, she has also developed a passion for general civil litigation, construction law and business transactions, likely as a result of watching her Mom succeed in business.

Heather has been very active in the San Joaquin County Bar Association.She currently serves as a member of the Board of Governors and is the Board's president-elect. She has been an active member of the Women Lawyers Section and she also served as Chairman of the Program Committee. Last year, Heather started the Food From the Bar Program to benefit the Emergency Food Bank. She is a member of the Consuelo M. Callahan Inns of Court where the members are from time to time dazzled by her performances. Heather also serves the broader community in various capacities including co-founding, with her husband Tim, the Misty Holt Singh Memorial Golf Tournament, which currently raises money to benefit victims of violent crime.

In May, Heather and Tim will celebrate their tenth anniversary. Their daughter Sophia, age 6, is the apple of their eye and in many ways Heather's "Mini-Me."Heather and Tim are members of Stockton Golf and Country Club and Elkhorn Golf Club, and Heather has a notable appreciation for fine wine. She also is devoted to everything Lululemon for which UPS will be eternally grateful.

It is a distinct honor and pleasure to work with my good friend and partner, Heather Rubino. I think I need to recognize her Outstanding New Lawyer Award by giving her a special ring and a patch because around our office she knocks down all the pins every day. (Cheesy, but true.)