2018 Outstanding New Lawyer Michael K. Lay

Sing, O Muse, the striving heroes humble
Who spend themselves for others to protect
Like Gideon’s small force, or Leonidas’,
With weaker force the stronger force oppose,
But strive as Portia, armed with law and wit;
Who take on hard quests unsung and many
And who persevere in the face of scorn;
Who cast not stones but justice seek for those
Accused, as did Daniel for Susana.

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Public Service Opportunities for Criminal Lawyers

There are many ways that an attorney can volunteer to both grow in his or her career and enhance the profession as well. Within the profession, there is no shortage of opportunities for service and self-improvement. Among them are service on local bar boards, task forces, and committees, which help to foster good methods and ethical practices within the profession, deepen relationship with colleagues, and give valuable MCLE training. The local Inns of Court is another opportunity for bonding and...

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California Criminal Law after the 2016 Election

Among other items of interest in the dramatic 2016 election, three ballot measures passed that will significantly affect the way we do business in California criminal courts. Proposition 57 made significant changes to parole eligibility and juvenile cases handled in adult court. Proposition 64 significantly changes the way marijuana is treated in the criminal law. Proposition 66 changes many post-trial procedures in death-penalty cases with an aim to speeding up executions. These changes follow ...

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