2021 Outstanding New Lawyer Joshua Hunsucker

Joshua Hunsucker is many things to many people. To Neumiller & Beardslee—its attorneys and clients—Josh is a talented litigator who never backs away from a challenge.

To the members of the Consuelo M. Callahan American Inns of Court, Josh and his Neumiller colleague, Richie Aranda, are a dynamic duo known for their introductory video skits reminding Inns members to follow the rules and clean up after themselves played at each Inns meeting during the 2019-2020 season.

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Editor's Notes

It has been my pleasure for more than a decade to serve as a member of the Across the Bar Committee and, since 2011, as the editor of Across the Bar. After nearly eight years at the helm of the San Joaquin County Bar Association’s official magazine, I am following in George Washington’s footsteps and bringing my term to a close.

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New Laws Affecting Civil Procedure in San Joaquin County

The Legislature and the courts introduced numerous statutes and rules affecting civil practice that went into effect at the beginning of this year. While the volume of changes is much too large to cover comprehensively in a single article, the following are eight of the most significant ones governing civil procedure in this county. 1. Scheduling ex parte hearings Civil ex parte hearings are again being scheduled through the clerk for the department in which the matter will be heard, rather than...

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The Outstanding Jamie Bossuat

Among the highlights of 2017 was the opportunity to recognize an outstanding local attorney, Jamie Bossuat, who received the San Joaquin County Bar Association's 2016 Outstanding New Lawyer Award at the New Lawyers' Reception in February. Ms. Bossuat is the fourth recipient of the annual award, which honors an attorney who has actively practiced for seven years or less at the time of nomination and has a distinguished record of service to the legal profession, the SJCBA, and the greater communit...

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The First Impressions Program Expands

The First Impressions program is not only the most unique service opportunity available to legal professionals in San Joaquin County, but perhaps its most rewarding. Spearheaded until this year by Judge Barbara Kronlund, the First Impressions has brought judges, lawyers, and court staff into fifth-grade classrooms at San Joaquin County elementary schools for several years. The professionals identify who's who in the courtroom, explain how the jury system works, distinguish the differences betwee...

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New Laws Affecting Civil Litigation Practice

Changes to the laws affecting civil litigation practice or procedure going into effect in 2017 appear in general to be less sweeping and of less significance than in recent years. The most significant changes for most local civil litigators may be the recent changes to local policy concerning the civil clerk's drop box and the hearing of discovery motions. This article summarizes many, but by no means all, of the recent changes likely to affect civil litigation practice in San Joaquin County. Ch...

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Five Graduate from Veterans Treatment Court

On a usual Monday, the calendar of the Honorable Barbara A. Kronlund will be smattered with the settlement conferences and status hearings typical of a civil judge. October 3, 2016, however, was different. That morning, a small crowd of gathered in her courtroom to await her rulings in five proceedings falling under section 1170.9 of the Penal Code. This hearing was unusual from the start, beginning as it did with a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Then, a moment of silence for a fallen c...

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New Laws and Rules for 2016

Numerous changes in California statutes, statewide rules of court, and local court rules have recently gone into effect or soon will. This article summarizes several (but by no means all) of the changes likely to affect civil practitioners in San Joaquin County. Statewide Laws and Rules 1. Demurrers. Prior to filing a demurrer, the demurring party must meet and confer with the plaintiff in person or by telephone. As part of that process, the demurring party must identify each...

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2015 Outstanding New Lawyer, Zoey Merrill

​If Zoey Merrill one day runs for elected office, she will have a difficult choice to make: what title should she use to describe herself? Enterpreneur? Law professor? Local celebrity? World-traveling adventurer? Former vegetarian?Perhaps she will choose the title recently bestowed upon her by the San Joaquin County Bar Association: SJCBA 2015 Outstanding New Lawyer. Zayante "Zoey" Merrill was announced as the latest recipient of the SJCBA's Outstanding New Lawyer Award ...

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