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Self-Study MCLE: The California Rules of Professional Conduct as Amended in 2018 - What You Need to Know

The SJCBA 2021 Master Series concludes with this Self-Study MCLE: The California Rules of Professional Conduct as Amended in 2018 - What You Need to Know. In order to receive the one (1.0) hour of Ethics Requirement Credit for this MCLE, please review the presentation, take the quiz, and send your answers to Jennifer Riggs at . If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact the SJCBA at (209) 948-0125.

Remote First Impressions Program

The San Joaquin County Bar Association and the San Joaquin County Office of Education present A Remote First Impressions Program for fifth graders countywide. Materials are available via You Tube and an online document repository so that any teacher can access the program. Even home-schoolers can participate in the program as they will have access as well. Just click on the links in the flyer to access the materials. Thank you for your support of the First Impressions Program.

The Young Lawyers Section's "Top Ten Reasons to Date/Marry an Attorney"

10. They will always be in great physical shape from all the ambulance chasing. 9. Who doesn't love seeing their man/woman dressed in a suit every day? 8. The alluring prestige of being married to/dating the most hated professional in the entire world. 7. When it comes to student loan debt, sharing is caring. 6. You'll never start an argument with them because you know you'll always lose. 5. You can always tell when they're lying because their lips are moving. 4. Latin lover has a whole new mean...

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