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Looking Back & Moving Forward


Current members of the SJCBA received a brief survey earlier this month. Please take a few minutes to complete it and provide the SJCBA with your opinions. This association belongs to you. The survey is anonymous and won’t take long to complete. After you complete it, you can enter a drawing to win your next year’s SJCBA membership for free!


Below are summary financial reports for 2018 and 2019. For 2018, you are seeing the Statement of Revenue and Expenses (actual); for 2019, the Approved Budget (estimated Revenue and Expenses). Going forward, the SJCBA expects to present this information to members in the first quarter of the year.

In 2018, the SJCBA finished the year with a small loss of $7,402.38 on revenue of $557,201. Obviously, ending a year with a deficit is never a good thing, but there are reasons this deficit spending is not continuing. First, 2018 was a transitional year. An interim executive director, the renewal of the Court Assigned Council contract with San Joaquin County, moving to new offices, and changes in personnel and financial management all resulted in some extraordinary, one-time costs. Second, some 2018 dues revenue was accounted for in 2017, which undercounted annual dues revenue for 2018. New financial management processes mean timely, accurate information is now the norm.

For 2019, the SJCBA is projecting net revenue of $9,915.38; that is a positive swing of over $17,000. Revenue is up, but so are some expense categories. Specifically, full staffing has bumped up Administration and Personnel. Previously, some of these costs were being paid out as Professional Services. Like any association, personnel are the largest expense; with the right people, staff are also a prudent investment. The SJCBA believes that the current staffing contributes to fulfilling its mission to members and obligations under the contracts and programs it administers. Rent is substantially lower because the new 5.5-year lease included six (6) months of no rent. Otherwise, the SJCBA is carefully monitoring expenses and seeking every savings and efficiency possible (for example, we recently changed phone systems, tax preparers, and payroll processing to realize significant saving going forward), and exploring increased sponsorship of SJCBA activities that increase opportunities for members to engage with colleagues and the larger legal community.

The SJCBA is committed to having a greater presence in the community, increasing the value of membership, and facilitating the smooth administration of justice in San Joaquin County. Your completing the survey, participating in SJCBA- sponsored activities, serving on Committees and Sections, and taking advantage of the benefits of membership enrich the SJCBA’s contributions for everyone. Please complete the survey you received. Never hesitate to reach out to either of us if you have anything to discuss.


The weather was perfect, the setting was great, the socializing fun, and the awardee worthy. A short survey offered the SJCBA positive feedback and a few helpful suggestions for improving the event next year. Thank you to all who attended, and to those that completed the event survey. The SJCBA uses member feedback to constantly improve its services.

We owe a special debt of gratitude to the event sponsors:

Financial Center Credit Union (FCCU)
Delta College Pathways to Law Program
Dianne Drew Butler & Associates
The Freeman Firm
Quinn & Kronlund, LLP
Office of the San Joaquin County Counsel

San Joaquin County Bar Association
Statement of Revenues & Expenses
Year Ended December 31, 2018


Contract Services (CAC, DRS, LRS, etc.) 502,135.92
Dues & Activities (MCLE) 28,963.02
Events & Sponsorships 22,591.50
Bar Publications 2,950.00
Misc. Revenue 561.40
Total Revenue 557, 201.84


Administration & Personnel 351,366.60
Rent & Utilities 93,486.59
Events & Sponsorships 20,337.14
Member Activities 13,841.23
Bar Publications 34,228.54
Professional Services 29,177.50
Moving Expenses 22,166.62
Total Expense 564,604.22
NET REVENUES -7,402.38

San Joaquin County Bar Association
2019 Approved Budget


Contract Services (CAC, DRS, LRS, etc.) 521,012.41
Dues & Activities (MCLE) 50,500.00
Events & Sponsorships 22,900.00
Bar Publications 3,000.00
Misc. Revenue 473.00
Total Revenue 597,885.41


Administration & Personnel 474,109.75
Rent & Utilities 59,060.28
Events & Sponsorships 20,400.00
Member Activities 10,900.00
Bar Publications 17,500.00
Professional Services 6,000.00
Total Expense 587,970.03


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Monday, 05 December 2022

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