New Courthouse Progress

As you can see, work continues on our new Stockton Courthouse. The exterior is nearly complete. In fact, the building is now approximately 72% complete. The project continues to be on schedule with substantial completion expected by mid-November 2016.

Judge Appel and I continue meeting with our architects and furniture vendor, UCF. Decisions about the various pieces of furniture for the entire building have and continue to be made. We have made literally hundreds of decisions and are now on to the fun part; picking out fabrics and finishes. We are approximately 70% done and expect to complete this process by the second quarter of 2016.

The following activities were completed this past quarter: 

  1. Tower cranes were removed along with scaffolding on the south side of the building.
  2. Freight elevator installation is complete and in use.
  3. Precast exterior cladding is complete.
  4. Overhead mechanical and electrical rough in continues on all floors.
  5. Interior framing continues on all floors.

The following activities are scheduled to be completed during the next quarter:

  1. Continuation of construction on Phase 3 (the building);
  2. Complete roof installation,
  3. Continue installation of mechanical and electrical work, and glazing installation.
  4. Continue interior metal framing and gypsum board on all floors.
  5. Continue meeting with furniture vendors and finalizing selections. 

Northwest elevation

​North view of four-story Atrium

​SJC Superior Court judges in manlift ready for a tour

Northeast elevation

​Front entry progress

​View of the twelfth floor jury assembly room from the terrace

​Fourth floor courtroom progress