New Courthouse Progress

If you have driven on I-5 or the Crosstown Freeway, you have certainly seen the new Stockton Courthouse. To date, the building is approximately 60% complete. The "skin" or exterior was completed in October 2015 when the building was made water tight for the winter. The entire project is scheduled to be completed by November or December 2016.

Judge Appel and I have been busy every week meeting with the various furniture vendors. We hope to finalize all the decisions regarding furnishings by the end of the first quarter of 2016.

The following activities were completed this past quarter:

  1.  Concrete elevator and stair shafts are complete.
  2. Steel erection is completed.
  3.  Precast exterior cladding is 90% complete.
  4. Overhead Mechanical and Electrical Rough in continues on all floors.
  5.  Interior framing continues on all floors.
  6. Court and JCC selected Steelcase as the project furniture vendor and Gunlocke as the chambers furniture vendor. Coordination is ongoing.

The following activities are scheduled to be completed during the next quarter:

  1. Continuation of construction on Phase 3 (the building).
  2. Complete roof installation.
  3. Continue installation of mechanical and electrical work, and precast and glazing installation.
  4. Continue interior metal framing and gypsum board on all floors.
  5. Continue meeting with furniture vendors and finalizing selections.

The court has selected a moving consultant and has had preliminary meetings with that vendor.