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Time Flies as Things are Getting Done

It's amazing to me to think that I have now been with the San Joaquin County Bar Association as interim executive director for over six months! Originally, we talked about it taking perhaps 90-120 days to evaluate processes, fill some openings, and help the Board of Governors with their selection of a permanent director. However, what has occurred since, and the challenges we have faced and overcome, are also things to really reflect upon and appreciate. We also need to recognize and appreciate ...

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How to do Marketing, without Doing Marketing

‚ÄčThe problem of regulations As a Digital Marketing manager, I deal with clients every day in professions that are heavily regulated. Accountants, investment advisors, medical professionals, and attorneys are a few of the businesses which must be very careful to ensure that their marketing campaigns conform to the rules. Unfortunately, rather than studying and following the regulations, many attorneys give up on the idea and decide not to do any marketing at all. The marketing efforts of attorney...

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Three Things Every Attorney Needs to be
Doing Online

Once upon a time, if you wanted to market your law firm, you put an ad in the yellow pages, maybe bought a few billboards, and waited for the phone to ring. Things are different today; consumers find their information online and unless you're running a well-established firm with no need for new clients (or keeping your existing ones), you need to make sure you're visible on the web. In our experience with helping hundreds of businesses from small one-person law firms to large statewide and natio...

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