Employment Law Roundup

Much like the Hollywood movie season, this summer saw a number of "blockbuster" employment law decisions that you may have missed while on vacation. The summer kicked off with two big decisions from the Supreme Courts of California and the United States. First, in Dynamex Operations W. v. Superior Court1, the California Supreme Court set forth a new set of rules for determining whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor for the purposes of wage and hour claims (e.g. unpaid minimum...

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Time Flies as Things are Getting Done

It's amazing to me to think that I have now been with the San Joaquin County Bar Association as interim executive director for over six months! Originally, we talked about it taking perhaps 90-120 days to evaluate processes, fill some openings, and help the Board of Governors with their selection of a permanent director. However, what has occurred since, and the challenges we have faced and overcome, are also things to really reflect upon and appreciate. We also need to recognize and appreciate ...

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Under Oath: Moses Zapien

Moses and I met at a Starbucks coffee shop where he is a regular. The baristas all know him well. We settled in and the questions began. Q. What is your idea of perfect happiness? A. “What comes to mind is: having dinner with my family; a nice evening out with friends; relaxing on a patio, having a good conversation and watching a beautiful sunset; and doing work that I am passionate about that makes a difference in people’s lives. Q. What is your greatest fear? A. “I think, not living up to my ...

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Recent Changes Expand Availability of Sheriff’s Alternative Work Program for “Low-Risk” Defendants

As many readers of Across the Bar know, the Sheriff’s Alternative Work Project has undergone changes in the past year. As part of an effort to reduce jail overcrowding in response to the so-called “realignment” that occurred in 2010-11, the Sheriff has expanded the programs and options available to those defendants who are deemed “low risk” and are not precluded by the Court from applying. Overall, the Sheriff still offers the same three alternatives to traditional jail sentences: (1) the Altern...

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Newly Formed Veterans Court Seeks Mentors

February 2, 2015 marked the commencement of San Joaquin County's first Veterans Treatment Court. For about five years, Judges Barbara Kronlund and Richard Vlavianos pondered how a veterans' court could be added to the list of collaborative courts that are presently being operated in San Joaquin County. There was always a basic problem—where to hold court? There was simply no room within the criminal departments to add another calendar. After about a year of meetings with the court's collaborativ...

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