Becky Diel, 2021 Outstanding New Lawyer

"When Becky Diel included ‘I married a dude’ as a line in her Outstanding New Lawyer acceptance speech, I knew everything would be ok"

*Author’s Note: Before you (the reader) start, I feel compelled to address one housekeeping item. All apologies, for this minor grumble. I’m not complaining because I was asked to write this article. That was a delight and has been an honor. I am complaining because I was only given 750 or so words to profile Becky. Wholly inadequate. It’s like trying to research what the word “Liberty” means in the U.S. Constitution for some important case you may be working on, but you only get to read BuzzFeed listicles. Please forgive me. I am happy to share (Read: leak) the 13,000(+/-) word first draft, if you dare to tread through all those footnotes.

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2021 Outstanding New Lawyer Joshua Hunsucker

Joshua Hunsucker is many things to many people. To Neumiller & Beardslee—its attorneys and clients—Josh is a talented litigator who never backs away from a challenge.

To the members of the Consuelo M. Callahan American Inns of Court, Josh and his Neumiller colleague, Richie Aranda, are a dynamic duo known for their introductory video skits reminding Inns members to follow the rules and clean up after themselves played at each Inns meeting during the 2019-2020 season.

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2019 New Lawyers Reception

February 5th at the Bank of Stockton Headquarters

The Bank of Stockton hosted a reception on February 5 to recognize the newest members of the legal profession in San Joaquin County. Attorneys who passed the 2018 California State Bar Exam gathered with more than 125 lawyers, judges, elected officials, Bank of Stockton leaders and family at the Bank of Stockton headquarters on Miner Avenue.

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2018 Outstanding New Lawyer Michael K. Lay

Sing, O Muse, the striving heroes humble
Who spend themselves for others to protect
Like Gideon’s small force, or Leonidas’,
With weaker force the stronger force oppose,
But strive as Portia, armed with law and wit;
Who take on hard quests unsung and many
And who persevere in the face of scorn;
Who cast not stones but justice seek for those
Accused, as did Daniel for Susana.

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2017 Outstanding New Lawyer Heather Rubino

When Heather Rubino was 14 years old, she was featured in an article with accompanying photos in the Stockton Record sports page. She had bowled a perfect 300 game, for which she was honored with a special ring and a patch. Fast forward to 2018 and Heather is again being honored, but this time as the San Joaquin County Bar Association Outstanding New Lawyer. There is a common thread between these two events. Both honors are the result of Heather's skill, strength and focus. And it is those attri...

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Why I Mentor

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." – Winston Churchill Why don't more experienced lawyers volunteer to mentor young attorneys? The San Joaquin County Bar Association has an excellent program, as does the Consuelo M. Callahan American Inn of Court. You don't need a formal organization if the mentor and protégé have found one another. But those organizations can help you find people willing to mentor in your particular field of practice and find new lawyers looking ...

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2015 Outstanding New Lawyer, Zoey Merrill

​If Zoey Merrill one day runs for elected office, she will have a difficult choice to make: what title should she use to describe herself? Enterpreneur? Law professor? Local celebrity? World-traveling adventurer? Former vegetarian?Perhaps she will choose the title recently bestowed upon her by the San Joaquin County Bar Association: SJCBA 2015 Outstanding New Lawyer. Zayante "Zoey" Merrill was announced as the latest recipient of the SJCBA's Outstanding New Lawyer Award ...

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New Lawyers Reception

February 2, 2016 at the Bank of Stockton Headquarters The Bank of Stockton hosted a reception on February 2 honoring the newest members of the San Joaquin County legal profession. Attorneys who passed the California State Bar Exam gathered with more than 125 family members, veteran lawyers and judges at the Bank of Stockton headquarters on Miner Avenue in Stockton. The keynote speaker for the evening was San Joaquin County Superior Court Supervising Probate Attorney Jayne Lee. Zoey Merrill ...

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