Under Oath: Judge Richard Vlavianos

Q. What is your idea of happiness?
A. The key is being happy with what you have and not wanting anything more. If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t quit my job. I love what I do. Sometimes I can’t believe I get paid for this.

Q. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
A. I could be less spontaneous.

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Under Oath: Jason Chong

​Q. What is your idea of perfect happiness? A. "I was actually thinking about this one as I was driving here! I had to be prepared," he joked. "But, I guess I don't set the standard too high. Just being alive with no major worries about finances, health, family. That's happiness. I look at people around the world in much worse situations and it's hard to wish for more than I have. I have enough." Q. What is your greatest fear? A. "My greatest fear?" He sat back and pondered a litt...

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Under Oath: Cathy Huston

Cathy and I met in her office on a busy Friday afternoon. Amongst flying files and ringing phones we sat in her office to enjoy our lunch. Q. What is your idea of perfect happiness? A. "Honestly, its going home from work after a good day where I won all my cases, the kids' homework is done and I had time to work out. Just knowing that we are on the status quo. As long as all my loved ones are doing well and we are all healthy… that is happiness." Q. What is your greatest fear? A. "Right now it's...

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