The Young Lawyers Section's "Top Ten Reasons to Date/Marry an Attorney"

10. They will always be in great physical shape from all the ambulance chasing.

9. Who doesn't love seeing their man/woman dressed in a suit every day?

8. The alluring prestige of being married to/dating the most hated professional in the entire world.

7. When it comes to student loan debt, sharing is caring.

6. You'll never start an argument with them because you know you'll always lose.

5. You can always tell when they're lying because their lips are moving.

4. Latin lover has a whole new meaning. Got habeus corpus?

3. You'll have plenty of "me" time since they'll always be working late at the office.

2. Their best friends are Jim Beam, Don Julio, and Captain Morgan.

1. You'll appreciate your 9-5 job a lot more because at least you're not an attorney.